Does your child suffer with severe tooth decay? When it gets past the point where dental fillings are an effective treatment, Dr. Pamela Butler provides baby tooth dental crowns in Vancouver, Washington, and can use the Hall Technique to help repair and strengthen your child’s oral health. Contact Under the Sea Dentistry for Kids today at 360-891-9283 to learn more and set up a visit with our pediatric dentist, Dr. Pamela Butler!

Stainless Steel Crowns
Zirconia Crowns
Our team offers zirconia and stainless steel crowns. We will recommend the best option for your child based on their specific needs. Not all options are available for each patient.

What Is the Hall Crown Technique?

Hall crowns, stainless steel crowns The Hall Crown Technique is a crown restoration procedure specifically designed to repair primary teeth. It is a noninvasive option which does not require drills, sedation or numbing shots. Using a biocompatible and safe glass ionomer cement to hold the new dental crown in place, the lesion (cavity) is covered by the crown and sealed. This separates the cavity from bacteria and other toxins which could worsen the decay and instead starves it, allowing healthy dental pulp to repair the damaged areas of the tooth.

Want to learn more? Please contact our office for more information about our zirconia baby tooth dental crowns and the Halls Crown Technique. Schedule your child’s appointment today!