Is your child starting to develop shark teeth? We recommend that you set up a visit with our pediatric dentist so we can examine your child’s smile and determine the best route of treatment! Please feel free to give us a call today at 360-891-9283 to learn about children’s shark teeth in Vancouver, Washington. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Pamela Butler, you can speak with our team here at Under the Sea Dentistry for Kids!

Shark teeth are relatively uncommon in children, however, when they do appear, it is most often when your child reaches 6-7 years old or years afterwards as their molars begin to erupt. Since this condition is not as dangerous as it may seem, most shark teeth should not need to cause you worry as they will eventually fall out when their permanent teeth start to emerge. However, if your child cannot naturally lose their shark teeth, we can provide your child with a tooth extraction to help keep their smile in top condition.

The most important thing is to schedule regular checkups for your child so we can carefully monitor their smile and plan treatment for other teeth that start to emerge. Through regular visits, you can feel more at ease about your child’s smile and rest assured that they are in good hands. We encourage you to contact our team today to learn more about shark teeth and set up an appointment for your child.